Protobuf binary format wire types.

A wire type provides just enough information to find the length of the following value.


Enumeration Members

Bit32: 5

Used for fixed32, sfixed32, float. Always 4 bytes with little-endian byte order.

Bit64: 1

Used for fixed64, sfixed64, double. Always 8 bytes with little-endian byte order.

EndGroup: 4

Used for groups


LengthDelimited: 2

Used for string, bytes, embedded messages, packed repeated fields

Only repeated numeric types (types which use the varint, 32-bit, or 64-bit wire types) can be packed. In proto3, such fields are packed by default.

StartGroup: 3

Used for groups


Varint: 0

Used for int32, int64, uint32, uint64, sint32, sint64, bool, enum

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