Describes an enumeration in a protobuf source file.


  • DescEnum


deprecated: boolean

Marked as deprecated in the protobuf source.

file: DescFile

The file this enumeration was declared in.

kind: "enum"
name: string

The name of the enumeration, as declared in the protobuf source.

parent: undefined | DescMessage

The parent message, if this enumeration was declared inside a message declaration.

The compiler-generated descriptor.

sharedPrefix?: string

A prefix shared by all enum values. For example, MY_ENUM_ for enum MyEnum {MY_ENUM_A=0; MY_ENUM_B=1;}

typeName: string

The fully qualified name of the enumeration. (We omit the leading dot.)

values: DescEnumValue[]

Values declared for this enumeration.


  • Get comments on the element in the protobuf source.

    Returns DescComments

  • Returns string

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