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Meshtastic.js is a JavaScript library that provides an interface to Meshtastic devices. It can be used to build applications to interface with a Meshtastic networks, via HTTP(S), Web Bluetooth or Web Serial.

Getting Started Guide Documentation/API Reference

Installation & Usage

The library is available from NPM and can be installed with:

pnpm add @meshtastic/meshtasticjs

Development & Building

The Meshtastic Protobufs submodule must be pulled, this can be done via:

git submodule update --init

Then the type definitions need to be generated:

pnpm generate:protobufs

Finally the project can be built:

pnpm build

Optionally the doccumentation can be built with:

pnpm generate:docs


The Bluetooth and Serial connections rely on the availability of the Web Bluetooth and Web Serial API's respectively, this is represented in the compatibility matrices below.

Web Bluetooth compatability matrix Web Serial compatability matrix

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